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Photo by Ismail Ferdous @ismailferdous | Residents enjoy the view over the city of Antigua, backed by the active Volcán de Fuego, and its famous stone cross, the Cerra de la Cruz. Follow @ismailferdous for more stories.

Photo by Lynsey Addario @lynseyaddario | On today‘s battlefields, more women than ever are in the fight. Females are taking more active roles in militaries, serving on the front lines of armed conflicts and as peacekeepers in the world‘s hot spots. M

Photo by Joel Sartore @joelsartore | Two peregrine falcon chicks huddle in their cliff nest, along the Colville River in Alaska. This bird is one of the most widely distributed species in the world, found on every continent except Antarctica. Histori

Photo by Ira Block @irablockphoto | A cameleer leads his charges through Erg Chebbi, a complex of dunes formed by wind-blown sand in eastern Morocco, near the Algerian border. The dunes are located close to the town of Merzouga, a jumping-off point f



Photos by Cristina Mittermeier @mitty | I have been lucky enough to experience the Amazon firsthand and to spend time with some of the indigenous people who call it home. People like the Kayapó have been stewards of the rainforest for centuries. Sinc

Photo by Paul Nicklen @paulnicklen | Ha'a Keaulana, daughter of Brian Keaulana and the granddaughter of legendary Buffalo Keaulana, runs across the sea floor with a 50-pound boulder cradled in her arms. Strength radiates off her as she trains to surf

Photo by Jasper Doest @jasperdoest | White storks have always been intertwined with humans. Who doesn’t know the mythical stories about these large birds bringing babies to new parents? In Ancient Egypt, the stork was associated with the soul. Greek

Photo by Dina Litovsky @dina_litovsky | Students at Kiev’s School 232 wait in anticipation of the last bell ceremony. It traces its origins to the Soviet Union era and is still observed in many post-Soviet cities. For many teenagers, this is the begi



Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | A man tends to his horse as he and others wait for customers to rent a ride on a horse-drawn carriage by the sea in the Greek island of Spetses. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, fol

Photo by Cory Richards @coryrichards | Every autumn Hindu families across Nepal worship the fearsome goddess Durga during the Dashain festival. Durga demands a blood sacrifice, and on the main festival day an uncountable number of goats are exchanged

Photo by Trevor Frost @tbfrost | Happy International Sloth Day! The world's slowest mammal? The three- toed sloth! I was in Cuyabeno National Park, in Ecuador, looking for anacondas with the nonprofit @tropicalherping when we stumbled upon this indiv

Photo by Tasneem Alsultan @tasneemalsultan | Attendees from 42 countries and more than 10,000 racing camels flew in to the city of Taif for the second annual Crown Prince Camel Festival. As a rookie, I wasn't aware of the amount of work and emotional