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Interns, you are cleared for take-off! This weekend our interns got to volunteer at the annual Wings Over Houston event, an airshow hosted at Ellington Airport. The Wings Over Houston event is just one example of the many volunteer opportunities that

Kai Cui is a mechanical engineering major at @cuboulder. “I work in the Environmental Systems group, and I’ll be shadowing a flight controller on console for the first all-female spacewalk! I love working on improving and developing tools such as dis

This is Courtney Leverenz who is working on the next generation of suits that will be used during the #artemis missions to bring the first woman and the next man to the moon sustainably. “I would like to express how beautifully complex space suits ar



"My team and I have been able to extrude a resin mixture with filler additives from a table-sized 3D printer. The hope is that this prototype can be scaled up and print full-sized heat shields directly onto spacecrafts." - Albert Tai, Intern #nasaint



“One of the greatest things about working for JSC is engaging with mentors. You can connect with some of the world’s brightest minds here in hope that their experience gives insight and inspiration. My recommendation is to make sure you dare to be gr

"My big projects have been mapping out the ascent aborts and the landing and recovery for the Artemis missions. I’ve gotten to explore the Orion mock-up vehicle and go on several tours and lectures, building my career as an engineer." - Leah Davis, I

"I work on console operations to activate, gather data, and deactivate the Human Research Facility Racks on board the ISS. I've gotten to take the astronaut food preparation course in which we actually got to eat the food." -Gerardo Barillas, Intern

"I'm currently working on the SNC Dream Chaser's RPOC simulation that will be implemented in future training sims. There's just something really cool about knowing that your project is going to be used someday to train astronauts." - Taylor Watson, I