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This black hole is inside one of the densest #galaxies known to date -- M60-UCD1 crams 140 million stars within a diameter of about 300 light-years. If you lived inside it, the night sky would dazzle with at least 1 million stars visible to the nake

Woah! The Hubble Space Telescope captures an #interstellar Comet with a tail for the very first time. #likeabos • Hubble's observations from earlier this month show that the dust, structure and chemical composition of the interstellar comet look a l

This insane photo of a comet was taken by the @rosettamission OSIRIS camera from a distance of just 70 kilometers! #likeabos • It is a colour composite of three photos taken through infrared, orange, and blue filters. Bright, bluish areas may be ex

When you are flying a plane and rocks from outer space start to fall on your planet! ️ #likeabos Via our friends at @spacehumanity (follow them!) “Our home Planet is beautiful. Look at this incredible video of our night sky, captured from a pilot's s



#fbf to @nasa Spacecraft Voyager 1 capturing an iconic image of our 4.6 billion year old giant Jupiter and its famous "Great Red Spot," with the water moon Europa set in the foreground. The dark circle in the upper right is the shadow of the moon Io.

The expansive, 600 trillion km wide Rosette Nebula, 5,000 light years away from home, imaged by amateur astronomer @curtismorgan - showing us you don’t need @nasahubble to capture the cosmos. #likeabos The lovely, symmetric shape of this stellar nur

The Eight Planets’s axial tilt, rotation and day. Ft. Dwarf Planets with Pluto and Ceres. #bos Animation by @jameslikesspace Caveat by the author on Twitter about axial tilt: "there are 2 accepted ways of defining axial tilt. Venus is 177.3° or 2.7°



Water moon #enceladus seen here like never before. #bos • Saturn’s moon is a small ocean #world covered in ice — one of more than 60 confirmed moons orbiting Saturn. It’s 25 times smaller than Earth and almost 10 times as far from the sun, with surf

This insane scientific visualization shows a complete revolution around a simulated #blackhole and its accretion disk following a path that is perpendicular to the disk. #bos • The black hole’s extreme gravitational field redirects and distorts lig

You can see the entire state of Florida, from the @iss captured by @astrohague #bos Vía @spacehumanity “From only a few hundred miles up, you can see an entire state. The human footprint fades and the blue, and turquoise waters around Florida draw y