Yup, we now have therapeutic bath salts friends! 5 different essential oil blends, to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body “Get the BLEEP Over It” - Cold & Flu blend “Go the BLEEP to Sleep” - Relaxation & Sleep blend “Go the BLEEP Away” - Empath



Thank you Pastor Darrell, Minister Tara, Pastor Bryan, and Minister Luz for being wonderful examples of how church members should serve each other. Your kindness and generosity are a blessing to everyone. Take a moment so say THANK YOU to our Fearles

The birthday boy had a special message for all of you well wishers and special people who were involved in his day. I also included his birthday song, a few pictures and a very special message from his favorite superhero #thankyou ! #6thinthe6ix #kj

Don’t miss out on the awesome giveaway my tribe and I have going on RIGHT NOW!!! My giveaway includes this beautiful aragonite pendant as well as a carnelian palmstone!! • Follow each of our pages -> comment on each page you’d like to win their giv



A few months ago, I finally met a friend I'd made on IG. Her name is Lori, and she runs @purrsonalspacecatlounge in Palmyra, NJ. It's clear she pours her heart and soul into the adoptable cats at her lounge ... I've never seen such healthy coats on s

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Thank you all for coming out and making my first show of the season such a huge success! It’s always fun to see the interest in my new designs and colors. And now I am busy filling orders and restocking for the next show on Nov 9. #thankyou #lacytr



We were reminded today how lucky we are to be a part of the En Haus Family. This school would not be what it is without the dedication of our team and families. Each student has and will continue to make their mark on En Haus. The families who have c

Beginning of October meant that it was time to say goodbye to the beloved interns Santeri and Tuula (holding the flowers). Thank you so much for all your great work. We already miss you guys! ️ Filling in Santeri and Tuula’s shoes for a little while

근데 한가지만 물어볼게요, 정말 모두 날 위해서였나요, 그래서 이별을 말하고, 내 안에 상처와 아픔으로 남은건가요. 그렇다면 is it okay to believe that we were once in love? - Thank you by NELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @spacebohemians #thankyou #nell #spacebohemians

“A Device for Reflecting a Nervous Energy” . We just made it to 70% of meeting our Kickstarter goal!!!! We are so EXCITED!!!! And can’t believe it!!! We are sooooo nervous! . Please consider supporting our Kickstarter campaign! We can publishing this

Hi, I’m Braydon! I am a 7 year old who has been lucky enough to be around first responders my whole life. I am the founder of the Kids Southern New England Brotherhood Ride, a bike ride that raises money for kids who have lost their parents in the li

As I prepare to process and package orders for shipping, I want to take the time to say THANK YOU for all the support you guys give. Keep on ordering those sweatshirts and hoodies! My goal is to get them out swiftly since the weather is quickly chan

Good to be back. Just did a red eye flight and then back to doing what we do to keep the pack balanced. . No snow today which made it much easier as well. . A big thank you to all my staff for going above and beyond when I was away. Did you know we h



mama trial kit🤰 birthdaypresentでもらったやーつ。 by @kum1211 妊娠発覚前から、お風呂上がりのオイルとクリームは結構マメにしてたから…今回も今のところ妊娠線はなし‍️ でもネットで見てると最後の最後で出来たとか書いてあったから、 気を抜かずがんばろ そして2枚目の動画は べべだいすきなパク️ 出会ってすぐはテンションMAXなので…手を噛まれないように必死なパク。笑 #present #thankyou

No matter how well you prepare - things don't always go to plan! Unbeknown to many of our guests our oven packed in an hour before service! Luckily - our new partners @yellowpandapubco stepped in and helped us to complete the rest of our cooking in

*•*¨*•.¸¸︎* * Happy Halloween サプライズハロウィン便 from okumi * * とてもcuteなファイルに 手作り素材や素敵な紙のもが 詰め込まれて届きました * 星のチャームもついてる * * okumiさんの作品はエレガント、 可愛い、かっこいい…と ジャンルを問わず 作れちゃうだね〜 * * ・ ・ ・ コラージュ素材も沢山で 嬉しい とても素敵なhappy mailでした いつもありがとう️ * * #ありがとう #感謝 #thankyou #紙 #紙

Meet Gayle Martin, a quality coach for the South Central region (Bedford, Coffee, Franklin, Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, Perry, and Wayne counties). Gayle has been with us for 17 years. She has over 20 years of ex

Today, MOTHER EARTH is a painting I got as a birthday gift It's so special coming from a dear friend- my heart got a lift Mother Earth was carefully crafted meticulously in acrylic paste It was painted with the artist's experience & classy Masters



 Handmade ribbon  ラビットファーのバッグチャーム  Yさま親子からのオーダー品です。 夏の終わりにご依頼いただきましたが、 そろそろ出番ですね  母娘さん、それぞれお好きなものをリクエストいただいたものです。  この度Yさま親子からはたくさんオーダーいただきましたので、順にご紹介させてください🤗  到着の喜びのメールをいただきました。 豊かな表現力️ 笑いながらも、とても嬉しい内容で何度も読み返してしまいました️  とても励みになります いつ

Come celebrate 9 YEARS with us - because it’s all thanks to YOU! 🧁 FREE petite cupcakes (while supplies lasts.. there will be hundreds, but don’t wait long!) 15% off individual Desserts (not including whole cakes) 20% off retail & attire $4 Pints

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#행복한시간 ##끝 # _ _ 아들이 생일 축하노래도 불러주구요? 언니가 멋진문구를 선택한 각인목걸이🤩 LOVE YOURSELF -너 자신을 사랑해라 고마워언니~내자신을 사랑하며 살아갈게!? _ 부모님들이 주신 용돈~ 너무 행복하댜~ 내동생,친구,지인분들 내소듕이들 정말 감사히 잘먹고 잘쓸께용!🥰 _ 카카오선물 짱 사랑합니댜~ 내사람들 마지막으로 신랑회사 대표님 상무님 감사드려요! 조금이라도 일찍보내 주셔서~ . . #소중한사람 #소중한시

Do you know your financial security number?? - How much passive income do you need to cover your monthly expenses? - How much invested at what Return on investment do you need to get that passive income? - These are just a few questions that you NEED

What started out as a working relationship many many years ago with Eddie @em_detailing turned into a great friendship, then ultimately considered family. I just wanted to give him a huge thanks for all he does for me. A true class act and a work et

*CRAFT CHOCOLATE WORKS**cacao soft cream* 暑くて溶けかけ。 お店に入った瞬間、思わず深呼吸して 「いいにおーい️」って言っちゃった。 数種類のチョコレートやら何やら色々試食させてもらって お姉さんが綺麗で楽しいし美味しいし、また行く️ #craftchocolateworks #クラフトチョコレートワークス #三宿 #三軒茶屋 #チョコレート #ソフトクリーム #パン #パン活 #パン部 #パン好き #パン屋さん巡り #ベーカリー #パンスタグラム #nobreadnolife

Some people are so incredibly kind! It is not why you do it but it is very nice to have your hard work recognised. We're very lucky to be able to do what we do with the people we get to do it with

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#atmosphericimpressions #highestself #gratitude THIS IS ME putting forth my intent and love and gratitude for all people and our possibilities- forgiving our selves and ancestors + making room for change and reconciliation + freedom and growth as a u

  • Thank you for alerting me to the fact it is Indigenous Day today! 🙏🏼 I love what you shared about the importance of mutual respect in our evolution as a human species. Rather than taking or using one another, may we become more and more aware of the fact that it is really a reflection of ourselves that we glimpse in the other. ✨ 🌎🌍🌏

  • @elevation_vibration ⚡️🙏🏼thank you for listening and being open to look in the mirrors that arise in your experience- 💫☀️🤩


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And that’s a wrap on our Pop-up Pumpkin Patch! In fact, this little cutie scooped up the last pumpkin! Thank you to everyone who participated today! You can enjoy more holiday fun by signing up for a workshop and keeping your eyes peeled for our ne

Swipe for surprise> • I’ve never truly loved my hair. I knew it was nice and a nice colour but that was really the only reason I ever kept it. I thought my hair being nice was what made me pretty. I thought that women had to have long hair. My hair w

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10.15.19 Happy Tuesday!! Winding down Halloween Kits with this fun Vintage Halloween Tag duo! Plus bonus Pumpkin Shaker!! Add a bit more flare by adding some glitter and distressing ink to your fun Halloween Tags. (6 x 12 inches) plus Pumpkin Shaker

Este bar se convirtió en mi casa casi sin darme cuenta. La gente de pueblo necesitamos tener un lugar al que poder ir sin haber quedado con nadie y en el que nos sintamos acogidos, queridos. Eso fue CRACK para mi. Un lugar al que volver siempre. Grac