Halaayt(할라이트): 전설 속의 거대한 고래를 잡으러 가는 것. 에스키모들이 도달할 수 없지만 평생을 두고 해야 하는 여정을 뜻합니다. - ‘할라이트: 영원의 여정’은 미국과 한국을 오가며 활동하는 작가 곽훈이 최근 화두로 잡고 몰입하고 있는 주제입니다. 현재 홍콩의 펄램 갤러리에서 곽훈 개인전이 열리고 있습니다. 곽훈 작가의 작품과 퍼포먼스가 어지러운 홍콩 현지인들에게 힐링 에너지를 선사하길 기대합니다. - - -

Hoon Kwak, Halaayt : Passages Of Transcendence at Pearl Lam Galleries - Korean artist Hoon Kwak’s first Hong Kong solo exhibition. Fascinated by the ways in which we relate with nature through earthly and physical means, he breaks down the cultural b



Exhibition: “Halaayt: Passages of Transcendence” by Hoon Kwak at Pearl Lam Galleries. Based on the spiritual journey and personal memories, these installations and paintings are from a period of over 40 years, including some recent paintings. To save

Suhaimi Fadzir, 'Banana Republic', mixed media assemblage, 60x87 in, 2008

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Suhaimi Fadzir, 'Freedom Of Speech (USA)', 240×190 cm, 2011 (Left), 'Reflection', 210×360 cm, 2008 (Middle) and 'Social Contract (Malaysia)', 240×190, 2011 (Right), assemblage, 2008

Jenny Holzer's 'Light Stream' (2013) @pearllamgalleries in Hong Kong is the artist's largest ever LED installation, comprising of three of her own classic texts—Truisms, Survival and Living—which appear in both English and Chinese.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀



Suhaimi Fadzir, 'Hishammuddin Hussein Onn', mixed media on canvas, 183×366 cm (triptych), 2015

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A warm welcome and thank you to all who joined us at the opening of ‘Halaayt: Passages of transcendence’ by Korean American artist Hoon Kwak last week. Hoon Kwak’s work represents the profound spiritual world of Buddhism and Eastern philosophy, expr

------ OPERA ANNI 70 ----- FRANCO SANNA (1947) Pagine frammentate rosse Acrilici e collage su cartone Cm. 34x55 Anno 1974 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- FRANCO SANNA dopo aver dipinto dal 1964 al 1974 sol

------ OPERA ANNI 70 --- FRANCO SANNA (1947) Libro Frammentato Acrilici e collage su libro Cm. 26x42x4 Anno 1974 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Franco Sanna dopo aver dipinto dal 1964 al 1974 solo monocrom

[Artist News] Hoon Kwak | 곽 훈 작가 곽훈은 9월 26일부터 홍콩 펄램갤러리에서 개인전 'Halaayt: Passages of transcendence 을 개최합니다. 이번 전시는 영국과 홍콩을 기반으로 활동하는 커미셔너 David Chan의 기획으로, 작가의 최근작 '할라이트 Halaayt'와 대표적인 설치작품을 Pedder 빌딩과 H Queen's 의 전시장 두 곳에서 동시에 선보입니다. 11월 8일까지 진행되는 전시

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  • I have an original Hoon Kwak! I went to a show of his in Los Angeles in the early 80’s. It’s a painting on brown paper because he said he couldn’t afford canvas then. I still love it. I only paid $200 or $300 for it. Wonder what it’s worth now!

In House: Peeking out from the bottom of Hoon Kwak’s installation piece “Poem” (2019) in rice paper and thread at Pearl Lam Galleries’ H Queen’s, Hong Kong, we see the Korean artist (black sneakers) and guests arriving for his opening. The images ref



OPENING TONIGHT: Pearl Lam Galleries presents ‘Halaayt: Passages of Transcendence’, a search for meaning within the cycle of life by Korean-American artist Hoon Kwak. Having grown up during the Korean War (1950-53), Hoon Kwak has an instinctual attr

Korean Artist Hoon Kwak’s first solo exhibition “Halaayt: Passage of Transcendence” will be on view at Pearl Lam Galleries from 27 Sep to 8 Nov. Kwak is fascinated by the ways in which we relate with nature through earthly and physical means, his wo

Towards the end of the Cultural Revolution, many artists, with a new found creative freedom, struggled to break free from the realist style of the last decades. ⠀⠀ Pang Tao herself grappled with this, and many of her works in the years following the

Fascinated by the ways in which we relate with nature through earthly and physical means, Hoon Kwak breaks down the cultural boundaries by celebrating the universal values that make us human in the first place. ⠀⠀ Halaayt: Passages of Transcendence,



Hoon Kwak’s Kalpa-sound presents an elarged representation of a Korean Piri flute. It’s segments, comprised of jar-like vessels, resemble food containers, fermentation storage, and even burial urns. As a breeze funnels through the chamber, the reson

“Uncle Sadiq” #2 in “Family” series Work in progress 30x48 Mixed media #rawartists #pearllamgalleries #betrayedbyblood #angerisagift #feedthedarkness #greedisgod #worshipnothing #nomasters #rizwanziaabid

  • Vile nectar fanged grasp Eater filthy wretched sap Venom veined twisted nub Decaying husk burning rub Golden treats every meet Burden free larded sweets Senses lost cannot find Invisible god money mind Pompous stance wasted flesh Rubber hollow blackened mesh Center sight misty pink Maker meet forever linked Time’s prisoner aged thief Brilliant baubles cannot keep Ground bound quicker yet No remorse or regret This is my “Uncle Sadiq” 2 of 5 in “Family” series 30x48 inches Mixed media



------ OPERA ANNI 80 ------ FRANCO SANNA (1947) Pagine frammentate cm. 34x48 Anno 1981 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERA ESPOSTA NELLE PERSONALI : 1981 GALLERIA PICASSO -SASSARI 1982 ARTEXPO 82 - BASILE

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---------- OPERA ANNI 70 ---------FRANCO SANNA (1947) Equilibri Acrilici su cartoncino Anno 1976 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Opera esposta nelle personali: 1976 Galleria Oasis - Marsiglia 1977 Galleria Diaz

--------OPERA ANNI 70 ------- FRANCO SANNA (1947) Neutrini Acrilici su cartoncino Anno 1975 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opera esposta nella personale: 1976 Galleria Oasis - Marsiglia -------------------

------ OPERA ANNI 60 -------------FRANCO SANNA (1947) Ventuno linee gialle Tecnica mista cm. 35x100 Anno 1967 ------------------------------------------------------------------- OPERA ESPOSTA NELLE PERSONALI : 1967 Galleria Flandrin - Versailles 196

---- OPERA ANNI 2000 ---------- FRANCO SANNA (1947) Bla bla bla in equilibrio 6x12 Acrilici su juta cm. 100x140 Anno 2007 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Opera esposta nelle personali : 2014 Museo del Corallo