Understand the Root Causes of SIBO Understanding what is happening in the gut and finding the root cause of SIBO is crucial to the Treatment od SIBO as it will dictate the choice of modalities, medications and supplements that need to be used. 3 ma

When you cook on your gas stove, remember that you are contributing in a big way to #climatechange and health impacts people in #fracking extraction zones suffer. Gas that you use in your homes is #methane and is 86x more potent at warming the plane

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Went forest bathing at lunch today and spent some moments chasing methane bubbles on Smith Lake with my furry girl. I never tire of discovering their amazing many funny faces and little scifi looking worlds. . . . #walkingmydog #forestbat





#ptexclusive | Theni, Dindigul, Nilgiris, Kovai will receive extremely heavy downpour tomorrow (22/10/19). RMD has issued 'Red Alert' to these 4 Districts. - RMD Deputy Director General Balachandran informs Puthiya Thalaimurai | #redalert #tamilnadu

$TLOU Tlou Energy Tony Gilby speaks to Proactive London's Andrew Scott ahead a site visit next week. He says they've made an excellent start to flow testing at its #botswana #coal bed #methane wells #tlou Full interview here -

SIBO facts What is SIBO and how common is it? ️Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a common condition affecting the small Intestine. Bacteria that normally grow in the large intestine (the colon) find their way to the small intestine and

Attention #rice eaters! (and apparently there are 3.5 BILLION of you!) Did you know that JUST by choosing a different kind of rice, you could boost your nutrients big time, help MAJORLY reduce methane emissions, save literally TONS of water, and help

Nothing could prepare me for the sounds of the arctic Hearing the thunder of calving glaciers and the popping sounds of ancient air (methane and Co2) being released in melting ice was remarkable, yet daunting. This tremendous landscape was changing

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  • Love these sounds from the natural northern world ! Profound to hear the “North” version of speaking. Such a magnificent view🙏🏼

Origami Holstein Cow, folded by me Author: John Montroll Paper: 35×35 cm Kami How is it that so many of the models I decide to fold come from Origami Inside Out? Well, some are unique: think of the tiger, and perhaps even more significantly this c

For microalgae biofuel production, a major cost factor is the provision of water and nutrients. Which can both be provided by wastewater. The chemical composition of municipal and dairy wastewaters typically has less N than P relative to Algal biomas

Have you see the latest Methane YouTube Update ? Features a look around the dressing room on my latest filming adventure in Germany and a quick FART rendition of a classic rasping tune! Search ‘Mr Methane’ over at YouTube to see full update ! #mrmeth

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  • Hey man we could get together... I'm Germany's first and only social media Inflatulenza😂😂😂



Here we go again! I’m on my 3rd round of #xifaxan and #flagyl To recap, took a #hydrogen breath test in May, got positive results a month later and took Xifaxan in June, slight improvement in symptoms for a little bit but then progressively worse, s

  • @mikala_cain exactly, it’s not easy! Headache has to be die off or side affects of these drugs, although I don’t remember it much with round 1. Good things to come! 🙏🏻 Worse before it gets better

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När man råkar befinna sig i Lerum en lördagskväll (det kan hända den bäste) och måste tanka... Då får det bli FordonsGas station på #göteborgsvägen ! Alltid kul att få testa en ny station. Behändigt nära tågstation och pendelparkering... Men kan någon

C’est le gaz à effet de serre le plus nocif pour le climat Brenda ! Il retient 28 x plus la #chaleur que le CO2 (mais moins longtemps). Comme le CO2, il est émis par des sources naturelles, que l'homme est venu amplifier pour arriver à un niveau d'é

Carbon dioxide isn’t the only greenhouse gas warming our planet. WRI’s Katie Ross explains how countries can take greater #climateaction by curbing super pollutants in the next installment of our new video series “The Path to Zero Emissions.” #stepup



This HUGE spike in methane emission at Summer/River Street Algonquin Gas Transmission valve site was due to “maintenance operations”. With methane emissions level measured up to 50x the normal level during the course of the day, this gas event has a

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  • Even more outrageous is that this was the third such event in 3 months - methane is 86x more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2. ☠️

Small stove working on home made regular white Biogas plastic tank ! #biodigester #biogas #biodigesterhaiti #environment #environment #cleanenergy #sustainableliving #ecoalternativesolutionsinternational #haitienvironment #lovehaiti #cleanenergyhait

  • why is everybody doing plastic bags? this seems like a fundamentally terrible compromise to allow portability of a product that should be made with, eg, ceramic tiles or cement with an epoxy liner.

நம்மவர் @ikamalhaasan அவர்களுடன் விடுதலை சிறுத்தைகள் கட்சியின் தலைவர் திரு.தொல். #த ிருமாவளவன். #magudamawards2019 . . . . #sterlite #ban #indian #bansterlite #bansterlitesavethoothukudi #sterliteprotest #banhydrocarbon #banhydrocarbonproject #whereis

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Alaska knows what Exxon stands for, too. #exxonknew #exxonvaldez #industrialwaste Photo by Ed Kashi @edkashi /@viiphoto | The Mobile Exxon Gas plant looms in the distance in the fishing village of Finima on Bonny Island, Nigeria. Today in the @nytime

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Titan's methane lakes continue to be one of the most interesting places in our solar system. Is there where we may finally find extraterrestrial life? ⁣ ⁣ Credit : NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. Arizona/Univ. Idaho

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What Causes Will o’ the Wisp? #mabsdrawlloweenclub prompt day 18 #willothewisp ! . Unearthly lights ️ floating above a bog or cemetery on a moonless night have been immortalized in lyric and legend, but is there a scientific explanation? . The mo

  • They used to say the light was to draw people out into the fens at night - so Willie could harvest them!

  • @tom_martin_photographs that's so cool (and scary!) 🖤!

Statins: the newest SIBO treatment? There’s a strong association between slow gut transit and the production of methane especially in SIBO. Experimental data suggest a direct inhibitory activity of methane on the gut smooth muscle and a possible rol

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Joined XR in London on the last day of the Autumn Rising - made sure there were plenty of Stop Ecocide placards to be seen. If you haven’t done so already go to the Stopecocide website and sign up to be an Earth Protector so we can have an internati

"Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you." . . . Visiting Chimera mountain with some Turkish friends some days after falling from a hill in Hierapolis/Pamukkale and got 4 stitches on the head (the white thing on my head is the plaster ) . .

The Greek Perspective: Chimaera - Χίμαιρα Mount Chimaera, from the Greek mythical beast Χίμαιρα, was the name of a place in ancient Lycia, notable for constantly burning fires. It is thought to be the area called Yanartaş in Turkey, where methane an

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