Who's the one with perfect red hair and face? According to the poll, Wonho proudly topped the list with 29.34%. The color that loved by most people was red. He has been nicknamed as Human Palette because of his various hair colors. Thank you. Cr : m

191121 - Minhyuk "Wow the result is tighter as I thought. I’ll release Minhyuk’s paintings before going to bed. Because it’s easy to draw these, I painted in 10 minutes so please understand ‘—‘. I’ll go to bed early since there’s something to do tom



191121- Minhyuk "I’m going to make one in-ear. I’m thinking about drawing national flag and hibiscus on one side but for the other side, please choose the background color for me if you think there’s another good options" Cr : monxfc ️ @official_mon

Don't Swipe ~ . . . . . . . . . I told ya..

  • #WeWinForMonstaX7 #MakeHistoryForWonho #WonhoWeGotYourBack #LoveUWonho #StarshipProtectMonstaX7 #MonbebeUnitedForChange#넘어져도_다시_일어나 #몬스타엑스_아프지말자 #몬베베는_널해 #우리_항상_네_곁에_있을게요 #넌_절대로_흔자가_아니야

  • 😂😂😂

You seven have always worked hard from the start. They fought and won their awards together... One got lost by the way, but don't worry, we monbebes we'll find him and take him to you. Continue to support Monsta X even with only six members. And Wo

guys i know we arent happy about starship leaving wonho out of merch and stuff and yes we're right to be angry but we shouldnt be blaming ss )): im sure theyre doing what they gotta do to bring wonho back and cursing at them isnt gonna help. please s



Another interactive and trending hashtag #rememberwhenwonho ... This is an on-going TWITTER priority base project that is happening ever Thursday. It's Basically, post your favorite moments of Wonho of your choice and use the hashtag above ONLY tag

Moment when Chae saw a Monbebe's tears in one glance and immediately ask staff for a tissue. Monbebe thank him for being so strong enduring everything that happened while taking care of monbebe at the same time. Hyungwon : I will do better okay, do

We will continue to support Monsta X with only six members, but we should never stop fighting for Wonho's return. We love Wonho and we also love the other boys of Monsta X. We monbebes and the kpop community will continue fighting for Starship justi

Minhyuk biases jooheon. MINHYUK BIASES JOOHEON. This must be fate how can minhyuk and I have the same bias??? I mean theres like 6 other potential biases and he chose out of all the options Jooheon? 🤯🤯🤩Destiny I tell you 🥰🥰🥰⁣ ⁣ ⋈⋈⋈⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ ©️ Mwave -

  • I have never seen someone being so happy after being electrocuted lol

  • @sushi9006

Nostalgic... My heart just ached a little.. . . . . . #breakthewheelformx 7#우리는_불을밝힐_불꽃 #fixthefutureforwonho #challengethesystemformx7 #bywonhosside #alwaysbemx7 #mbbwithmxot7 #keepgoingforwonho #unitedforwonho #noreasontoquitonmx7 #fightingforwonh

  • God only you know how much i miss him ㅠㅠ

  • @wonhonism has it been said in an official statement that it's been terminated? i know a lot of people are confused about that and that's why people are still waiting

SS updated their square and blurred out Wonho from their existing merchandise. I know SS can't use his face and all that legal stuff but one of them are already sold out item. They can just take the listing down. I just wonder WHY they're doing these

I want to post this too ≧∇≦ . . #breakthewheelformx7 #우리는_불을밝힐_불꽃 @official_monsta_x

  • #KeepGoingForWonho #몬베베를_막을_수_없어 #MBBwithMXot7 #보낼_이유가_없어서 #AlwaysBeMX7 #다시만날_그날을위해 #ChallengeTheSystemForMX7 #우리얘길_새로써

  • #WeWinForMonstaX7 #MakeHistoryForWonho #WonhoWeGotYourBack #LoveUWonho #StarshipProtectMonstaX7 #MonbebeUnitedForChange#넘어져도_다시_일어나 #몬스타엑스_아프지말자 #몬베베는_널해 #우리_항상_네_곁에_있을게요 #넌_절대로_흔자가_아니야



We don't stop until our family member comes back home @officialstarship @official_monsta_x #wonho #보낼_이유가_없어서 #keepgoingforwonho #unitedforwonho #noreasontoquitonmx7 #fightingforwonho #bestrongforwonho #wonhocantbeerased #monstaxdeservesbetter #mons

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MONBEBE THANK YOU . . . . . . . . . #breakthewheelformx 7#우리는_불을밝힐_불꽃 #fixthefutureforwonho #challengethesystemformx7 #bywonhosside #alwaysbemx7 #mbbwithmxot7 #keepgoingforwonho #unitedforwonho #noreasontoquitonmx7 #fightingforwonho #bestrongforwon

  • No bajar los BRAZOS!!! 💪💪💖 #BreakTheWheelForMX7 #우리는_불을밝힐_불꽃 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent

  • We can do this!!! Fighting monbebe!!!! 💥💥💥

: What kind of shoot is this? . : I just wake up from a dream & express my excitement to see MBBs . : What do you usually do first in the morning? . : I usually drink water & think about MBBs . . TRANS ©® 1nteinstrgshity - Twitter. . . . . . . #brea

  • El es un amor! Sólo merece amor!! 💖💖 #BreakTheWheelForMX7 #우리는_불을밝힐_불꽃 @OfficialMonstaX @STARSHIPent

  • 🤗🤗

I personally proud of him. He talks and says what he has to say. For all idols, for kpop, for our boys. This Bunny is the right one, he's genuine. I will fight harder. I don't need signals from beyond to know he with us, every step of the way. Even

So After they posted this the one that on mx's official, my eyes Immdtly goes to the name writen on the wall behnd them, well I was looking for some hidden mssge..Idk something like that, you know what I mean right... But sadly I didnt find any until

  • @w0nh0_w0rld514 me too 😭😭❤️

  • I see it wonho will be apart of monbebe family again ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I guess some of you still remember the CEO of Instagram that become a Monsta X fan, right? and you can see our IG story features now have this sticker which is 'CREATE DON'T HATE'. Main reason : It's for cyber bullying. What i want to share is the me

  • It means he fight with us right? 😭😭😭 Thank u thank u...

wonho ARE YOU THERE? We still FIND YOU..WE ARE HERE still FOLLOW you..Monsta X you guys are FIGHTER..We we will together for your RIGHT (now)..Monsta X you are FROM ZERO to HERO..It is okay to feel BROKEN HEART and feel STUCK..Because you guys will

Our boys are No.8 on MAMA's WW Fanchoice! Here are few useful tips for voting (For Twitter users) Tweets with / # ONLY (Don’t RT) Tweets with / text and # (DO RT) ️Tweets DONT need to @ Monsta X to be Valid TIP: Search “#mamavote #monstax ”, click “R

I hope i’m not the only one who sees this. I just wishes they would covered it better so me and Monbebe would‘ve never known in the first place about this bcos it hurts me more. #monstagram #monstaxmonbebe #kpop #kpopfandom #webelieveinmonstax #절대로

  • Also Shownu is holding the red paint brush so they planned to make the heart around his name❤️❤️

  • I think of it more as they did this themselves too show wonho is still with them. They love him we love him. He will always be mx

I fight for love, so please don't desist and shine bright, all of us will make it happen. Each of us is a spark of light that reach our boys. We all gonna make a brighter future together, Monbebe don't desist and keep fighting , we are going to make

" ALL 7 GRAB HANDS AND GO IN "... . @officialstarship please don't make me loose my last bit of faith in humanity ...am still hanging in there because I want to believe there is still justice and good somewhere in your corporate world... Please pleas



This is how powerful The Monbebe Movement is... We gained the world's attention, now medias are requesting @ officialstarship for an answer... Welllp, guys am 100% sure now more than ever that the hashtags and dedication with all the projects monb

This is the best thing that It can kill me by just seeing it lmao anyways keep going and working hard monbebes our voices aren’t unheard every member of monsta x and also starship ent and wonho are hearing and seeing everything we are doing so keep s

Just a reminder to love and appreciate yourself, no matter where you are from, your orientation, your religion, your skin color or social status... Just remember that it's your own decision on how you WISH & WANT to live your life, it's not anyon

  • they are so good at giving advice ... they never judge but help us. That's why I love monsta x so much..

  • Thanks a lot monsta x 😍😍😍😍 @official_monsta_x

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Thank you @joymx4.5 for sharing this article with us. It's worth reading... .It's on newsweek.com . . . . . #fixthefutureforwonho #한번더_생각하자 #challengethesystemformx7 #bywonhosside #alwaysbemx7 #mbbwithmxot7 #keepgoingforwonho #unitedforwonho #norea

  • We can never give up 👏

  • Yes and we will keep challenging the pathetic system until he comes back .... idols are humans too.... one mistake should not cost anyone their years of hardwork and all that they built piece by piece.... everyone deserves a second chance....EVERYONE



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