Mom says she needs a little privacy in the bathroom even though she follows me everywhere when I potty and even saves all my poo in little bags...anyways so I stay here and guard the door of course...and then she comes out and says ‘that’s not your c



I was thinking maybe you guys were wondering where I got all my sweet napping skills from and why I have so many skinny little insta’s because of my little big brother Rex, the best and skinniest napper I’ve ever known. Mom says he’s gon

Well since someone is finally done growing I thought it would be a good time to start crate training. I know, I know I should have done it when he was little, but I couldn't afford to keep buying crates as he grew!! We are starting with half an hour

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  • He’s a big puppy!!!

As much as I dont enjoy going to back to work, it's nice to be home and with this fur baby again. Hes almost 1!! He was so excited to see me the other day and he's been even more cuddly and in need of attention since I got back! #hudson #puppiesofi

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  • Cuddly puppies are the best!!!

Hudson loves the drive thru! He really enjoys barking at all the people we see through the windows. Needless to say, we usually avoid drive thrus unless its absurdly hot out like it is today. #hudson #puppiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dutchshep

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  • 😂😂😂 I feel ya!

Hudson has successfully graduated from his training course!! He passed with flying colours and made a ton of new friends to spend his days with. Of course his certificate is where all great achievements belong..... on the fridge!! Thanks to @roverch



Memorial Day weekend spent with this goober. He has always been drawn to water but we hadn't found water deep enough for him to swim in until today! He didnt drown and kept going to the deep spots to swim around. Overall good weekend! #hudson #pupp

So the Easter bunny stopped by my apartment. And left some nice toys for Hudson. A buffalo horn, a new stuffed rabbit for him to destroy, and a new collar because he has out grown his last one. I'm not convinced this one is going to last very long 🤷

Hudson update: he has now discovered a true love of shredding things.... things that contain fluff are no longer safe. That includes dog toys, chairs and couch pillows. There must always be some fluff on the floor at all times or else new fluff will

Guess who decided to go for a run today??? ME!!! 100% against my physical therapists orders, but I had some pent up energy and anger. The only way I know to really get rid of it, is to run. I had on good shoes with excellent support to help my shin

Totally knocked out during his afternoon nap today. Our guest goes home tomorrow, right as I was starting to really get the hang of this two dog thing. They did not became friends, which I am rather upset about. I was hoping that Hudson would get h

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Surprisingly the easiest part of this adventure has been feeding them. I thought for sure that two food possessive dogs would have major issues with feeding. Hudson is excellent at waiting to eat until he is told too. Our guest is fairly easy going

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I think it's safe to say that today's activities provided the necessary energy release for these two beasts. Hudson is passed out on the couch, while our guest is k.o'ed on the floor. I say that's a day well spent #hudson #puppiesofinstagram #dog

Since these dogs are not bffs, I am trying to make sure that they get a break from each other. For the visiting dog, that meant a nice car ride, and a trip to the local park to walk around and explore the smells. For Hudson that meant a trip to the

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Friends that walk together, stay together. After the walk this morning, I kinda got it figured out. So this evenings walk wasn't so hard. Hudson doesn't really pull with his harness on, so I just had to untangle myself every 5 minutes... Dinner wa

I am currently dog sitting! We are currently on morning number 1. Last night was strange. I got less sleep than normal while I tried to keep everyone quite and calm. There is also an awful squeaky toy that was the nights favorite toy.. But we did it

I'm baaaccckkkk!!!!! After two weeks off program I am so excited to get back to normal!!! My nutrition has been so far from my normal routine these last weeks and I can definitely tell. I'm bloated, lacking energy, and my stomach is in a constant sta

  • I start it today too!!

  • Good for you to getting back at it - especially after all that time! I’ve started Arbonne’s 30 days to healthy living and at 32 years old I’m feeling (& looking) the best I have in my life! Best of luck on your program! 👍🏼



As I start to really feel more like myself, I figured Hudson and I would take a trip to the dog park. I always find it hilarious how he randomly interacts with dogs, but he has to greet every new person that comes through the gate. At least hes fri

  • Ahaha mine completely ignores people until she has played with every dog. Then she will go say hi

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Its official! This goober has lost all of his puppy teeth!!! (Thank goodness... those thing are fricking sharp!) Sadly we are not quite through the teething stage. Not all of his adult teeth are fully in so he is still trying to chew on all of my lim

Okay so I've been having a hard time finding balance in my life. I went into 2019 with hopes to improve 4 areas of my life: my fitness, my organization, my curly hair and working on making some extra cash. I work over 40 hours a week at my full tim

My favorite part about weekends is that I get some quality time with this fella. During the weekdays its routine. Wake up, go for a walk, food, and then I leave for work. When I come home we go for a walk, food, I do my workout, I do miscallaneous t

I absolutely love it when I have worn this goober out! Most of the time he is irritating me with all his pent up energy, whether its chewing, biting, scratching or jumping. So when I am able to get him outside for long walks, let him roam and run fr