This is the only clear photo Ever taken from the surface of Venus 🔭 My 2nd Page @theourdeepspace A lot of people don’t know about the history of humans vs Venus. Every “surface of Venus” picture you’ve seen that wasn’t like this picture, is fake. It’s either computer generated, or a picture of the Martian surface. Another crazy fact is that this picture was taken by the Venera 13 probe in 1982, almost 40 years ago! All that time and this is still the only picture we have of our sister-planets surface. But why? Well, the reason for this is simple. Venus is hell, literally. With a surface pressure 90 times greater than Earths, and a temperature hot enough to melt lead (462°C), it’s no surprise that most probes sent to Venus didn’t make it. And the ones that did, like the rover that took the picture above, didn’t last very long. The soviets designed the Venera 13 lander to survive for a maximum of 32 minutes on the Venusian surface, however it ended up lasting almost 2 hours, giving the rover more time to conduct experiments. Do you love Venus ❤ Are you ready to explore Space 🔭 @theourspace Image credits: Meteoramedia

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